Younger Toddlers Room

Where younger toddlers begin to develop their independence

Our older baby / younger toddler room is a hive of activity. It is a place where children use their increasing co-ordination and mobility to explore their surroundings. Their language development is promoted through lots of stories and songs, and they experience different textures through messy play.

Children in this room have frequent opportunities to play outside in our wonderful grounds, developing their gross motor skills as they balance, walk and run.

Their increasing independence is promoted through having a wide choice of toys and activities available and at mealtimes where they begin to sit together in a group and increasingly feed themselves. Naturally our caring childcare practitioners are there to assist and support the children as necessary.

Staff provide parents with daily feedback about their children’s day and they keep detailed developmental records which parents are welcome to see at any time. Parents are also encouraged to contribute to these records.

Toddler Room1