Older Toddlers Room

Active learning makes this a busy and productive area

Our toddler room is a lively and stimulating environment, planned to offer the activities that children need and enjoy as they become increasingly mobile. The emphasis here is very much on active fun, where children continue to explore the world around them and develop increasingly their communication skills. In the toddler room, children build upon the skills they have developed within the baby and younger toddler rooms. Our toddlers enjoy activities such as jigsaws, creative play, dressing up and role play, ride on toys and tricycles, climbing and outdoors play, early mark making, construction, story time, music, sand play and water play.


Our wonderful outdoor facilities are used extensively by the toddlers to support their developing physical and intellectual skills as they explore the rich and fascinating environment.


Activities are planned carefully to ensure that they are varied, interesting and fun .Guidance such as that contained within the ‘Birth to Three Matters’ framework is used to encourage the children to develop physically, intellectually and socially.

Staff provide parents with daily feedback about their children’s day and they keep detailed developmental records which parents are welcome to see at any time. Parents are also encouraged to contribute to these records.