Baby Room

Where the focus is on the care and development of our youngest children

Our baby room is a lovely bright area, furnished and equipped to a high standard to provide comfort and stimulation for our youngest children. Each child’s individual needs and routines including sleep and meal times are respected and the staff work closely with parents to ensure that wherever possible, there is continuity of routine between home and nursery.

Outside, the babies have access to our lovely grounds so that they can enjoy the fresh air.

Before babies start nursery, parents are encouraged to visit the nursery to discuss their child’s individual routines and needs with the staff and to agree a care plan.

All of the children in the baby room are given lots of individual attention during the day by our friendly and caring staff. Parents are provided with verbal information about their child’s day and this is supplemented by the daily diary which is taken home at the end of each day. This diary provides information about feeding, activities, nappy changes and any other significant events. We also compile a detailed on-going developmental record for every child so that all of those special moments are recorded.

Activities are appropriate for the age and stage of development of the children and include a wide range of sensory experiences. Within the baby room activities typically include heuristic play, music (banging & bashing as well as songs, rhymes and listening), messy play, ball pool play, paint activities, baby book time and loads of cuddles. Our baby rooms provide a wealth of opportunities for babies to explore the world around them supported by well qualified, caring and committed staff.